Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fun Overdose

So it looks like this is my first entry. I have actually been blogging for years, but this is the first one under this specific name! My name is Cristofer if you don't know me already, and I'm going to be posting my thoughts on a variety of topics here moving forward.

Working 7 days a week is tough, and that is what my schedule usually looks like automatically, so between my two jobs I have to schedule things so that I end up getting a day off. The problem is that I often try to cram so much into that one day off, that I go back to work even more burnt out than I was before!

Obviously, this is a first world problem. I'm having fun, spending money, and enjoying myself right?

Yes, that is correct. Today for instance, I woke up early (after a very, very late night), and had an early breakfast with my boyfriend and his family at a nearby breakfast restaurant. We then went for a walk, visited a couple candy stores and toy shops, then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the Glenbow museum. We then played card games, and went to dinner. After his family left us, we played video games, and then visited our friend's house for some vegan butter chicken and wine. 

I'm going to bed happy, but exhausted. Should I try to schedule my next day off so that I spend most of it in bed? Completely undecided!

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